Chapter 1

He kept polishing one of the many dirty mugs, his shoe tapping impatiently on the duracrete floor, anxiously awaiting the end of his shift. “Just a little bit more, Kaster”, he was reassuring himself. He tried to keep his eyes on the mug, as though it was the most interesting thing he had ever seen; anything to avoid looking into the eyes of the two hulking men caught in a fight with one another.
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The rumbling of the sky traffic had broken his concentration. Airspeeders, both those large and small, were flying around in lines which ended beyond the reach of the human eye. This was always the case on Coruscant: the constant motion, the noise, the arid and polluted air dominated the lower reaches of the planet’s cityscape. This wasn’t the lower populace’s biggest concern. The crime, the gangs, the spice dealers and the spice addicts were all an ever present problem to the people living in the undercity.
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