Chapter 2

The droid pilot pulled the vehicle up near a long and broad walkway in the apartment district on Nar Shaddaa. The droid’s head unit was designed to resemble a human one – its face modelled to have all the distinctive feature of a humanoid. However when the droid turned to smile at the passengers, the face seemed bizarre rather than friendly. “We have arrived at the designated destination.” the droid spoke to the people in the back of the air-taxi.
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Kill Blind

“Twenty minutes ’till landing!” spoke a crude, distorted voice through the speaker. The transport shuttle rumbled, making the sleeping passengers stir, confused, before closing their eyes again and going back to sleep. The thundering noise of the engines would make any conversation impossible – not that anyone was interested in chatter anyway. The passenger chamber stank of stale food and animal excrements. The bronze walls were full of rust and stains, and corrosion had eaten the floor in several places. It was a broad room, once most likely a cargo hold, transformed into a passenger chamber by adding a few loose, wooden benches along the walls.
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