Chapter 3

Rhya was standing on her small balcony, looking at the cityscape. The massive, tightly-packed buildings had blocked the horizon and imposed upon the viewers their megalomaniac structure. Dark clouds had obscured the small portion of the sky perceivable from Rhya’s balcony, but they made no huge impact on the view of the night sky whatsoever – the stars were generally dimmed by the bright city lights of Nar Shaddaa. It was hot and the pressure had brought the smog down, making the otherwise acrid air even harder to breathe. A breeze would seldom fly by, sweeping through Rhya’s thin hair. She’d move it away from her face, but only until another breeze decided to play with it again.
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Stranded (Part 2)

Master Alya Levine trailed the Imperial squad, moving as far behind them as she could to avoid detection. Her senses were augmented by the Force so that she could be aware of her opponents at all times. The four soldiers and their commander – a tall figure in a red armour piece – moved along the streets of the desolate town. Two soldiers closely accompanied their leader and the other two moved more freely – checking the side alleys and buildings along their way. The Twi’lek Jedi sensed something strange about the head of the squad. She could not sense him as well as the rest of his team mates – his aura was obscured. “No doubt he has had at least a small level of training in the Force” she thought to herself.
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Stranded (part 1)

“Cover the left flank!”

The Republic squad was surrounded. With Imperial soldiers rushing from both sides, the team had no chance but to take cover in a war-ravaged house, here on the remote planet of Agamar. A medical officer, an engineer, a soldier, an elite recon and a Jedi Master were stuck with seemingly no way out without a fight.
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