Backfire (Part 1)

Not many planets know suffering as Metellos does. A dystrophic planet in the Core System and Coruscant’s retarded twin brother, the planet had struggled with over-population for decades. All attempts at rivalling the galactic heart in trade and industry had been flushed, leaving the population divided between those who could and those who would. Those who could, the Gentry, managed to avoid the misery of living on such an urban jungle by dealing with politics and information. They built enormous floating cities, which shadowed the densely populated surface of the planet. Those who would, the Groundpounders, were the working class – labourers, con artists and scoundrels – who had never left the durasteel soil which was their cradle and their grave. Every step of the populated area was filled with small green, copper-red and black houses randomly scattered around. Towering over these slums were Stratablocks, massive skyscrapers – the bridge between the two different worlds, housing what could only be described as the middle class; industry headquarters, banks and information dealers.
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